Championship A WinnersJohn Eiland shot a blistering 56 on Saturday and then cruised in with a 67 on Sunday to win the inaugural HCC One-Man Scramble held at the Headland Country Club. Mark Barnes finish 2nd Place and Mike Smith finish 3rd in the Championship A division. In the Championship B division, Todd Weeks captured 1st place followed by 2nd place finisher Chase Arnold and Denny Steele taking 3rd place. In 1st Flight, Bobby Deese finished 1st place with Greg Hutcheson 2nd place and Willie Holman 3rd place. In the 2nd Flight, Jerry Hardy took 1st place followed by 2nd place Mike Miller and 3rd place Richard Brownell.

(L-R) Championship A - John Eiland; Championship B - Todd Weeks; First Flight - Bobby Deese; Second Flight - Jerry Hardy


2011 HCC One-Man Scramble
Championship A
  1. 56-67=123 John Eiland
  2. 67-62=129 Mark Barnes
  3. 66-64=130 Mike Smith
Championship B
  1. 70-67=137 Todd Weeks
  2. 72-68=140 Chase Arnold
  3. 72-72=144 Denny Steele
1st Flight
  1. 73-67=140 Bobby Deese
  2. 74-71=145 Greg Hutcheson
  3. 73-73=146 Willie Holman
2nd Flight
  1. 74-72=146 Jerry Hardy
  2. 74-74=148 Mike Miller
  3. 75-74=149 Richard Brownell


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