alabama-auburn-100x100Headland Country Club will hold a tournament and raffle on November 17th.  Details are below and we urge you to participate in both. The monies we draw from these events will go to our land taxes and equipment repair.  I have been to a reverse raffle and it is fun to watch and play.

Alabama-Auburn 2-Man Scramble

Headland Country Club will hold a 2-man scramble on November 17, 2012 at 2:30pm. Entry fee will be $30.  Sign up will consist of 18 Alabama fans and 18 Auburn fans.  The tournament committee will align the 18 players of  Alabama in order of handicap and do the same with 18 Auburn players.  The #1 Alabama player and the #18 Auburn player will make a team, the #1 Auburn player and the #18 Alabama player will make a team, and etc. We are trying to get an autographed Alabama and Auburn football that will be the prize for the winning team.

At 1: 30 pm on Nov. 17th the eighteen 2-man teams will be written on the calcutta board and a cash only calcutta will be held. All calcutta monies will be paid back to players. 40%-1st , 30%-2nd , and    20%-3rd .  10% will go to teams that win a skin and divided up equally.  If no team wins a scat, a drawing will be held and the team that is drawn, wins the scat prize. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided along with drink after tournament.

Reverse Raffle

Tickets purchased will be drawn out of box until only one ticket is left and that ticket will be declared the winner. Ticket holder does NOT have to be present to win. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided along with drink.
  • Date: November17, 2012   Time: 6pm
  • Prize is $5000.00 in cash.
  • Tickets are $50.00 each
  • 5 wild card tickets will be put into box at certain intervals.  When a wild card ticket is drawn, it will be auction off to the highest bidder.
  • Anyone may declare their ticket to be sold before being drawn and that ticket will be auction off with the ticket holder getting 80% of auction price. HCC will get the other 20%.  Prize base on sale of 100 tickets. Other information will be provided in pro shop.  This will be fun and for a good cause.