Member & Guest Rules

  1. Everyone who is on the premises of HCC, members or guest must sign-in at the ProShop. It is mandatory that we know who is on the premises so we can notify them in case of an emergency or any other reason which may occur. Members, please make sure you name appears in the appropriate place on the sign-in sheet by you guest name. Failure to abide by this rule may require asking you to leave.
  2. The HCC pool is for the exclusive use of Club Members. One (1) guest per member may be brought for a fee of $2.00. Members are responsible for the actions of their guest and must make sure their guest are aware of and obey all pool rules.
  3. No parties or group will be allowed to swim on a regular basis.
  4. Anyone under the age of 14 years is required to have adult supervision or you will be asked to leave.
  5. HCC is not responsible for children left unattended. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Children should not be in the pool area without parental supervision.
  6. Wet bathing suits are not allowed in the Pro Shop. You must dry off and wear a cover before entering the Pro Shop.
  7. The pool gate will be open when the Pro Shop is open. If you desire to swim after 7:00 pm you may pay a key deposit of $10.00 at the Pro Shop. The key must be returned by 12 noon the following day and your deposit will be refunded, provided you locked the gate and left the pool area in good order. You will be responsible for cleaning up and pay for any damages that may have occurred. There will be a $25.00 charge if non-members are in attendance and $2.00 each for non-members plus a $100.00 damage deposit.
  8. Members will not be allowed to maintain or keep a pool key.
  1. A formal request form is required and must be filled out and approved by a board member and all applicable fees paid prior to any activities.
    Forms are available in the ProShop. (See Attachment #1)
  2. Members must schedule their activities on the calendar in the ProShop and must not conflict with any other scheduled event.
  3. Parties are allowed no more that three (3) times per year per membership.
  4. The host is responsible for cleaning up after their activities and is also responsible for any and all damages they or their guest may cause in the clubhouse, pool or any HCC grounds.
  5. There will be a $100.00 flat fee for a member to use the clubhouse if non-members are present, (be there 1 or 100 non-members), plus an additional $2.00 for each non-member if the pool area is also used. A damage and cleaning deposit of $100.00 if non-members are attending.
  6. Clubhouse/Pool parties may not be held between the hours of 10am and 4pm. You may request to have you party before 10am or after 4pm.
  7. All parties will require a responsible adult 21 years of age or older as host.
  8. Only members can rent the Clubhouse room. (See E above)
  9. Absolutely shall no one under the age of 21 have or consume any form of alcoholic beverages. The Host shall be responsible for strict enforcement of all rules and laws.
  • Be polite, let faster players play thru
  • Fix ball marks on greens
  • Replace divots or fill with sand
  • Read local rules on hole #1 sign
  • If on a cart, please do not cross cart white lines or ropes and do not drive within 20 yards of greens. Do not ride next to greens, sand bunders or tee boxes.
  • Only two (2) persons per cart
  • Do not cross cart white lines or ropes
  • If lines and/or ropes are not seen, keep carts at least 20 yards from greens. Do not ride next to greens, sand bunders or tee boxes.
  • No carts behind greens except #5 when back tee is used
  • No carts in woods
  • Please avoid riding on roots
  • No bumping of carts
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