• McGriff, Holley and Brackin win HCC 3-Man

    The team of Don McGriff, Tyler Brackin, and Micah Holley shot 59-54=113 to win the HCC 3-Man Scramble held on August 18th-19th at the Headland Country Club.
  • Mark Barnes Double Eagle on #18

    Mark Barnes Double Eagles #18

    Mark used an 8-iron from 142 yards away to make a double-eagle on #18 at HCC.
  • Green Fees:

    Weekday (Mon-Fri) - $15 includes cart

    Weekend (Sat-Sun) - $20 includes cart

    Pro Shop hours (Fri-Sun) 10am - 2pm

    Pro Shop is closed Monday - Thursday but you can play golf at $15. The cart barn is unlocked and you can sign up on the red podium sitting on the wooden deck next to the Pro Shop. Put money or check in envelope, name on outside of envelope and slide under bottom of doorr between two marks. If you do not have the correct amount or wanted to use credit card, leave your name, telephone # on outside of envelope and slide under door.

    Scorecards and pencils in mailbox at #1 tee.

  • Headland Country Club - Membership Rates

    Rate/Monthly   Description
    $100.00   Full Membership: Golf w/Pool access, Golf Cart Storage Slot (if available) and No Green Fees
    $80.00   Full Golf w/Pool, No Green Fees, Cart Fees apply if used.
    $65.00   Full Golf w/Pool, Green Fees apply, Cart Fees apply if used
    $50.00   Full Golf, Pool Fees apply, Green Fees apply, Cart Fees apply if used

    Golf Memberships include a $75 semi-annual fee due in January and July

    Green and Cart Fees

    Green Fees   Cart Fees
    Weekday $5.00   Weekday $6.00
    Weekend $7.00   Weekend $7.00

    Pool Fees

    $50.00/monthly - Pool Only | No Golf - Payable April thru September

  • Rules and Regulations

    1. No one under 16 can operate golf carts
    2. No alcohol beverages allowed on course unless purchased in the pro shop. (It's the law!!!)
    3. USGA Rules govern Play with local exceptions:
      1. Out of Bounds is marked by fences, white stakes, paved areas including the road to the right of #7/#16 and pool.
      2. On #9 / #18, you must play to right of pole by equipment shed. Any ball left of pole and beyond protective net is out-of-bounds. Any ball beyond markers and road behind #6 / #15 and #9 / #18 is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest in the opposing fairways.
      3. Groups coming off hole #9 have right of way on #10.
      4. Winter Rules apply except in tournaments.
    4. Be courteous:
      1. Please let faster groups play through
      2. Rake traps
      3. Repair ball makrs
      4. Replace divots and/or fill with sand
      5. Keep cards at least 15 years from putting greens

    Please remember that Headland Country Club is a small semi-public golf course with many members who contribute their time to keep the course maintained. Help us keep up the course so it will make 'your' round of golf more enjoyable.

  • Luke Douglas

    "Headland Country Club has been my weekly escape from the tolls and tribulations of life. I enjoyed the camaraderie of our members, the wonderful facilities and, especially, the rates. A great big 'bang' for my bucks."

    Luke Douglas
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