Championship A WinnersJohn Eiland shot a blistering 56 on Saturday and then cruised in with a 67 on Sunday to win the inaugural HCC One-Man Scramble held at the Headland Country Club. Mark Barnes finish 2nd Place and Mike Smith finish 3rd in the Championship A division. In the Championship B division, Todd Weeks captured 1st place followed by 2nd place finisher Chase Arnold and Denny Steele taking 3rd place. In 1st Flight, Bobby Deese finished 1st place with Greg Hutcheson 2nd place and Willie Holman 3rd place. In the 2nd Flight, Jerry Hardy took 1st place followed by 2nd place Mike Miller and 3rd place Richard Brownell.

(L-R) Championship A - John Eiland; Championship B - Todd Weeks; First Flight - Bobby Deese; Second Flight - Jerry Hardy


2011 HCC One-Man Scramble
Championship A
  1. 56-67=123 John Eiland
  2. 67-62=129 Mark Barnes
  3. 66-64=130 Mike Smith
Championship B
  1. 70-67=137 Todd Weeks
  2. 72-68=140 Chase Arnold
  3. 72-72=144 Denny Steele
1st Flight
  1. 73-67=140 Bobby Deese
  2. 74-71=145 Greg Hutcheson
  3. 73-73=146 Willie Holman
2nd Flight
  1. 74-72=146 Jerry Hardy
  2. 74-74=148 Mike Miller
  3. 75-74=149 Richard Brownell


Championship A WinnersCaleb Bristow edged Matt Sullivan to win the 2011 HCC Invitational Tournament held on June 4th and 5th at the Headland Country Club. Jay Skipper beat Lance Risher by regression for 3rd place.

(L-R) Lance Risher, Jay Skipper, Matt Sullivan and Caleb Bristow, Overall Champion.


Afternoon Group Morning Group
Championship A
  1. 69-70=139 Caleb Bristow
  2. 69-71=140 Matt Sullivan
  3. 71-73=144 Jay Skipper *
  4. 69-75=144 Lance Risher
Second Flight
  1. 83-78=161 Wayne Polard
  2. 82-80=162 Randy Sanders
  3. 82-83=165 Jerry Hardy *
  4. 81-84=165 Skip Wisdom
Championship B
  1. 75-73=148 Hunter Herring *
  2. 74-74=148 Jay Baker
  3. 76-77=153 B. J. Tucker
  4. 76-78=154 Andrew Seymour
Third Flight
  1. 88-78=166 Dennis Seymour
  2. 86-82=168 Lonnie Correll
  3. 90-80=170 Wendell Simmons
  4. 90-81=171 Chance Renfro
1st Flight
  1. 78-77=155 Will Parker *
  2. 80-75=155 Adam Hardy
  3. 77-79=156 Chase Clark
  4. 78-78=156 Matthew Money
Fourth Flight
  1. 91-86=177 Ronnie Williams *
  2. 91-86=177 Gene Brooks
  3. 91-89=180 Cecil Holland *
  4. 93-87=180 Patrick Reeves
* by regression


We had a good turnout for our 2011 Lions Club Scramble. In all, 14 teams competed in the 18 hole 3-man scramble.

  • First Place
    • -13 - Walter Gay, Micah Holley and Jerry Hardy
  • Second Place
    • -8 - Doug Kosan, John Phipps and Craig Snellgrove
  • Third Place
    • -7 - K.V. Douglas, Luke Douglas and Tim Grace


An evening with their sweetheart and friends was enjoyed by 30+ Headland Country Club members as well as guests at our Valentine Pork Chop Supper and Bingo.  After a delicious supper of grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, salad, delicious desserts and cookies, came a few games of bingo with yells of 'BINGO' still echoing in the grand ballroom!  We thank all members who came out to enjoy the evening together.

HCC Annual Meeting was held on Jan. 17th at the clubhouse.  A new board of directors was elected.  The new board are: President: Walter Gay, V. President: Willie Holman, Secretary-Treasurer K. V. Douglas, Directors: Perry Crews,  Tim Grace, Jerry Hardy, Joe Masters,  Randy Sanders and  Todd Weeks. Roger Medley is the alternate.